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Safety On The Snake

There is no more important, controversial or incendiary a topic on The Snake than safety.

THE MAIN RULE… STAY IN YOUR LANE AT ALL TIMES. If you can not control your vehicle within the confines of a single lane then you must slow down. End of story, debate over. If you need further explanation, drive her once and you will understand. This is a tight highly technical piece of road with steep drop offs, few guard rails and little room for error. Every week there are one or two serious accidents on The Snake, most which are caused by vehicles crossing the double yellow line or unsafe speeds.

What To Do?

Riders and drivers in search of an epic image should also keep in mind that speed does not lead to better pictures. In fact, just the opposite is the case. The faster you are going, and the closer to your limits you find yourself, smoothness will suffer. Since we use very slow shutter speeds, any mid apex correction or jerkiness will result in a blurred image. Stay smooth, be safe, and let’s get you a poster class image.


Many riders enjoy working a particular section of The Snake multiple times in order to better master an especially challenging apex. If you are going to make a U-turn on Mulholland, please do so with extreme care and forethought. Remember, most of the turns on The Snake are blind and you may have to go a mile or two to find a safe spot. If you pull a U-turn too close to the exit of a blind turn you are putting yourself and others at great risk. Take the extra few seconds needed and make your U-turn along a section of road where neither you nor anyone else is going to get surprised

Whether you call her The Rock Store, The Snake, or Mulholland, keep in mind what a special resource we have. The best way we can ensure that we will all have continued access to this amazing stretch of road is to drive safely and responsibly. The most important way to achieve that goal is to STAY IN YOUR LANE. Remember to share the road with the many bicyclists who also enjoy this area.

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