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A normal shooting day is divided into two sessions, AM and PM. The AM session usually kicks off around 9:00 am in the shaded apex about 1/3 of the way down The Snake from the top (map turn 14). At this location, filtered sunlight cascades through overhanging sycamore and oak trees on to the tight. challenging ,off-camber apex. This natural lighting is often supplemented by the judicious use of fill flash from a powerful strobe. So as you approach this location, keep your eyes on the apex and not the flash!

After noon the PM session begins in Edward's,the big sweeper just below the Overlook (map turn 21). This curve has become the most iconic and recognizeable street curve in the USA, if not the world. I work the apex getting ground-level photographs of riders heading up and down the canyon. Around 2:00 pm the long telephoto stretches out to capture the cars and bikes moving up the canyon as the sun, dropping behind the canyon rim, bathes the upper apex in the day's last light. During summer months the light can linger as late as 7:00 pm. In fall and winter the light has all but vanished from The Snake’s uppermost apex by 3:30 pm! But just because the light has gone, it doesn’t mean the shutter stops clicking. Modern technology allows for the capture of crisp, well exposed images even in the fading light of day.

After the shooting ends each and every photo is reviewed with basic exposure and color corrections applied if necessary. Shots that do not meet our minimum quality thresholds are deleted. Prior to uploading, the remaining photos are grouped into sets by date. On most weekend days, there are both morning and afternoon sets to make finding your image a little bit easier.

Private Sessions

Private photo sessions are available for one to four riders. A one-hour package guarantees a portrait of each bike and rider or car and driver, and four action shots. Additional images can be added to the package as well. Weekday, weekend and holiday rates apply, so please contact us for rates and more information.

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